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How VOIP Can Help Your Business


Voip (voice over internet protocol) is a form of communication technology that allows exchange of information between individuals through internet connection. Unlike traditional telephone systems, it does not use landlines. Analogue signals from the caller is converted into digital information for ease of data transfer, then back to analogue signals at the receiver’s end.

How can voip help my business?

Connection mobility

Assuming that you are in are in another country away from your Gamma Horizon phone system all you have to do is obtain that area’s code and the call charges will be just the same, since all you need to have is an internet connection. It does not depend on the location, hence distance will not affect the call costs for your business.

Cost friendly

Voip connection consumes less cost compared to other technologies. As if that is not enough, a computer to computer call is even free!

Call forwarding

You can program your voip in a manner that if someone calls you from your office and no one answers, then the call will “follow” you to your home telephone. That means that a single call can trace you from all your terminals.

Messages transcription service

Your voice mail messages will be transcribed into your mail box. This makes mail sorting even easier.

On hold calls

Your customers do not have to get bored while the call is on hold. They can be listening to some cool music instead of being treated with some silence from your end.

Employee coaching

While your employee is serving that customer, you can listen to their talk, and they will not even know that your are doing it. Also, you can connect and give instructions to your employee without the customer being aware of it.

Easy manageability

This tool is easily installed because it requires very little technical skills to set-up and troubleshoot, which is made easier by the fact that the information is not transferred through cables. This also helps minimize fire accidents.

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